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Ignite Your Skills with Forge Fire's Realistic Training Props

Modular Interchangeable Class A Training Buildings and DIY Kits. Elevate your firefighting skills with Forge Fire's ultra-realistic burn towers. Feel the heat in our burn buildings and master the art of firefighting with accuracy. Learn from the fire simulator that leaves nothing to chance. Unlock the key to fire mastery today!

Elevate Your Forcible Entry Doors Training with The Alpha Door

Unleash the potential of forcible entry firefighting training with Forge Fire's robust breaching door prop, The Alpha Door. Upgrade your skills, breach security doors with precision and lead with confidence.

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Venture through our mission to bolster the safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of first responders. Explore a world where cutting-edge training structures, mobile vent props, and a steadfast commitment to quality redefine the landscape of fire safety. With Forge Fire & Co., every challenge faced by firefighters turns into an opportunity for growth and excellence. Begin your journey with us towards a safer tomorrow.


Forcible Entry Door Prop

  1. Realistic Crush/Flex Areas
  2. Quick Connect Lifting Wheels
  3. Mount Actual Doors
  4. Wood Jamb (Zero Fasteners Required)
  5. Built-In Rebar/Chain/Padlock/Hinge Tree
  6. Full Height Door Pry Area W/Multi-Level Locking
  7. Modular HD Long-Life Construction
  8. Real Drop Bar Systems (Zero Fasteners Required)
  9. Thru-The-Lock Attachment- Residential & Commercial (Quick Connect/Zero Fasteners Required)
front view of the alpha door

Realistic Crush/Flex Areas


Quick Connect Lifting Wheels


Mount Actual Doors


Wood Jamb (Zero Fasteners Required)


Built-In Rebar/Chain/Padlock/Hinge Tree


Full Height Door Pry Area With Multi-Level Locking


Modular HD Long Life Construction


Real Drop Bar System (Zero Fasteners Required)


Thru-The-Lock Attachment Residential & Commercial (Quick Connected/Zero Fasteners Required)

rear view of the alpha door
Sacrificial crush gapping section (steel & wood)

Multilevel Locking & Flexible Door


Actual Outward Opening Drop Bar System (Quick Jig)


Antual Inward Opening Drop Bar System (Mounts Into Real Wood Studs)


Hinge Pulling/Cutting With Real Hinges Actually Mounted Between The Door & Jam


HD Laser & Formed Steel Frame Is 50% Stronger Than The Competition


Panic Bar Cut Thru System (Quick Setup Via HD Magnets Without Need For Mounting Hardware)


ReBuilt-On Rear/Chain/Padlock Tree

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Modular Interchangeable Class A Training Buildings and DIY Kits

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