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Forge Fire & Company: Where Training Meets Reality – Accept No Imitations

Realism that Sets the Bar 

Our training props are engineered to mimic real-life scenarios with precision. Every element is meticulously crafted to challenge and prepare firefighters.  Don’t settle for flimsy imitations!

Built Tough, Right Here in the USA

Designed by firefighters for firefighters.  For over 40 years!

In the thick of action, Todd skillfully demonstrates forcible entry techniques with the Alpha Door during Forge Fire & Company's Basic Forcible Entry for Fire course, capturing our ethos of 'Where training meets reality'


We are the GOLD standard, trusted by the industry’s top instructors

Competitors Beware.  It’s not just about being good; it’s about being the best. Compare our training props against the competition, and the difference is clear. While others cut corners and compromise on quality, Forge Fire sets the standard, leaving imitators choking on our smoke.


The Alpha Door

This cutting-edge forcible entry door offers an experience like no other, simulating real-world scenarios with unmatched realism. From its rugged construction and customizable features, the Alpha Door ensures that every training session is both rigorous and relevant!