Burn Training Prop

Knee Wall

Provides an actual real knee wall that can be integrated to our Vent-Over-Fire Prop or Apex Roof Vent Prop. Creates actual smoke/fire extension training ops.

Overhead Hallway

The ‘Overhead Hallway’ is a sophisticated burn prop by Forge Fire. This training tool is designed to provide an immersive and authentic firefighting experience, helping professionals advance their skills under realistic circumstances.

Universal Control Module

The ‘Universal Control Module’ integrates quick connect LP plumbing for easy and secure installation. This feature significantly reduces setup time, allowing firefighters to focus more on training.

Fuel Spill Pan

The ‘Fuel Spill Pan’ stands out with its customizable size configurations. This flexibility allows for training scalability, adapting to a variety of situational requirements and offering firefighters the opportunity to practice diverse extinction techniques.

LPG 500 Gallon Tank

The ‘LPG 500 Gallon Tank’ prop revolutionizes the firefighter’s training regimen by infusing elements of realism and practical functionality.

Vehicle Prop “The JK”

Explore the art of vehicular firefighting with the exceptional ‘The JK’. A full-size 4-door Jeep specially designed for realistic fire training scenarios, ‘The JK’ from Forge Fire is a game-changer in firefighter training.

Apex Roof Vent Prop

Prop Can Be Mounted At Ground Level And Or Onto A Container Roof (Ceiling Support Brackets Are Required For Roof Mounting)