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Forcible entry doors

Mastering Forced Entry

In-Depth Guide to Forcible Entry Door Props & Breaching Security Doors

As expert firefighters, we understand the importance of being armed with the correct skills, especially when it comes to navigating challenges such as forcing entry. Our work often demands swift and effective action in enabling access into secured structures, which is crucial for successful rescue operations.

In this era, the significance of realistic training using innovative tools such as door props for replicating real-life breaching situations cannot be emphasized enough. Whether it’s getting through a security door, propping doors effectively, or understanding the resilience of different types of doors, mastering the technique of forcible entry is paramount to our roles.


While doors are designed with security as a top priority, firefighters constantly find themselves on the other side of these doors during emergency situations. The ability to breach through them becomes essential not just for the sake of property, but more importantly, for lives that may be at stake.

Breaching a Security Door: Tools of the Trade

One essential tool in our firefighting kit is the door prop. These are specially designed to mimic real-life security doors. Door props come in a variety of styles and structures – from single doors to double doors, simple residential doors to high-security commercial doors, they help us prepare for an array of situations.

Training with door props is particularly beneficial when learning how to breach security doors. Equipped with advanced locking systems and reinforced materials, security doors are a challenge to any forcible entry attempt. It is through consistent training with such door props that we can analyze and improve our methods for getting through these barriers.

Propping Doors: Bridging Knowledge with Experience

Propping doors is a crucial skill. It involves opening a door and securing it in place to ensure it stays open, facilitating smoother evacuation and improved access for fellow firefighters.

By utilizing door prop models, trainees are able to practice under controlled yet realistic conditions. The repetitive exercise of propping doors in these training environments instills a quicker and more reliable response when confronted with the actual scenario.

Forcible Entry Prop: A Game-Changer

The ultimate game-changer, however, is the forcible entry prop. These are comprehensive training tools designed to imitate a variety of entry barriers faced in fire services. They equip firefighters with skills needed to force entry through various door types, window barriers, and even reinforced walls.

With attributes such as adjustable tension levels and replaceable door skins for repeated practice, forcibly entry door props like those at Forge Fire provide an exceptional and cost-effective training experience.

Alpha Door: Reinventing Door Entry Training

One remarkable training tool in our arsenal is the Alpha Door. This robust door prop is designed to offer countless training scenarios, pushing our breaching techniques to new levels of proficiency.

Built to mimic many types of doors, the Alpha Door facilitates intensive and realistic training situations, ranging from inward and outward swinging doors to deadbolt locks, padlocks, and even high-security drop bars. In essence, it is a complete door simulation tool.


Together, the usage of security door props, propping doors techniques, and forcible entry props, significantly improves our proficiency, confidence and ultimately, our efficiency in saving lives during firefighting missions. By elevating our training regimen with these tools, we not only increase our practical knowledge but also the readiness to face real challenges.

A well-trained firefighter, through the heat and smoke, will always be able to see the ‘door’ to success. And behind that door, lies the potential to save precious lives. Through learning, we serve better.