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The Alpha Door


Forcible Entry Door Prop

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front view of the alpha door

Realistic Crush/Flex Areas


Quick Connect Lifting Wheels


Mount Actual Doors


Wood Jamb (Zero Fasteners Required)


Built-In Rebar/Chain/Padlock/Hinge Tree


Full Height Door Pry Area With Multi-Level Locking


Modular HD Long Life Construction


Real Drop Bar System (Zero Fasteners Required)


Thru-The-Lock Attachment Residential & Commercial (Quick Connected/Zero Fasteners Required)

rear view of the alpha door
Sacrificial crush gapping section (steel & wood)

Multilevel Locking & Flexible Door


Actual Outward Opening Drop Bar System (Quick Jig)


Antual Inward Opening Drop Bar System (Mounts Into Real Wood Studs)


Hinge Pulling/Cutting With Real Hinges Actually Mounted Between The Door & Jam


HD Laser & Formed Steel Frame Is 50% Stronger Than The Competition


Panic Bar Cut Thru System (Quick Setup Via HD Magnets Without Need For Mounting Hardware)


ReBuilt-On Rear/Chain/Padlock Tree

Forcible Entry Doors: A Leap into the Future of Firefighting Training

Forcible entry doors are a crucial part of versatile, high-quality firefighter training. Forge Fire & Company has been providing these essential pieces of equipment for over 30 years. Our Alpha Door has become the benchmark for high-quality, versatile forcible entry props, underlining our commitment to your team's preparedness and safety. Our relentless pursuit to deliver the finest fire training equipment ensures that when you choose the Alpha Door, you are not just purchasing a forcible entry door – you're investing in the future of your team's training.

Discover the Alpha Door: The Forcible Entry Door Prop

Experience the industry's most realistic forcible entry door prop, the Alpha Door, offering features like a full-height pry area with multi-level locking and a sacrificial crush gap section. These aspects bring real-life scenarios to your training to prepare your team for actual operations.

Forcible Entry Door Prop Kit: Versatility and Innovation Combined

With innovative features like actual door mounting and panic bar cut-through systems, our forcible entry door prop kit guarantees versatile training scenarios. The Alpha Door is not just a prop; it's a training revolution.

Gear Up for Real-Life Challenges

The Alpha Door stands unrivaled as the most authentic forcible entry prop available today. Boasting a full-height pry area inclusive of multi-level locking and a sacrificial crush gap section, true-to-life scenarios are amplified. Innovative features like actual door mounting, thru-the-lock attachment, and panic bar cut-through systems elevate versatility, priming your team for real-life situations.

Sustainable Modular Structure Forcible Entry Door Prop

The cutting-edge modular design of the Alpha Door sets the gold standard for forcible entry training. Limitless variations empower your team, unlike dated, restrictive props. Its enduring construction guarantees longevity spanning years, underlining a sustainable investment.

The Pinnacle of Industry Excellence FORCIBLE ENTRY SIMULATORS

Conceived and refined by top-tier firefighting instructors, Alpha Door has become the benchmark for high-quality, versatile forcible entry props. Our relentless pursuit to deliver the finest fire training equipment money can purchase underlines our commitment to your team's preparedness and safety.

What is Forge Fire's product, The Alpha Door?

The Alpha Door is a superior training prop created by Forge Fire to simulate real-world door breaching situations for firefighters, enhancing their forcible entry skills.

The Alpha Door is designed to replicate true-life scenarios of door breaching, thereby improving firefighter’s forcible entry tactics.

The Alpha Door, due to its life-like resemblance, provides firefighters with an authentic training environment to refine their skills. 

The Alpha Door features multi-level locking systems that accurately emulate high-security doors, providing an effective security door breaching training tool.

By offering an environment that mirrors real-world forcible entry situations, The Alpha Door proves to be an invaluable tool in honing the skills of firefighters.

Absolutely! The Alpha Door redefines Forcible Entry Doors. It is designed to cater to a broad range of forcible entry situations encountered in firefighting, making it a powerful aid in such training scenarios.

Use of The Alpha Door helps to boost precision, tactics, and confidence under pressure, providing a meaningful and practical training experience for firefighters.

Door props are training tools that simulate real doors for forcible entry training. The Alpha Door, with its authentic resisting properties, is an outstanding example of such a door prop.

The Alpha Door’s uniqueness lies in its ability to recreate both standard and high-security door scenarios, thereby equipping firefighters with a wide-spectrum training experience.

Yes, The Alpha Door has been designed to meet the varying training needs of both rookie and veteran firefighters, making it a versatile asset in all levels of forcible entry training.

Made in the USA for over 30 years
Built By Firefighters for Firefighters