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Our Story

Todd and Carie - Founders of Forge Fire

Todd and Carie are the passionate minds behind Forge Fire, a leading provider of innovative training props for firefighters. With Todd’s extensive background as a firefighter for over 20 years, specializing in rescue and ladder truck operations, and Carie’s unwavering support, they have revolutionized the industry with their commitment to realism and quality.

Their journey began when Todd, while teaching forcible entry techniques nationwide, realized the limitations of using generic training props. Dissatisfied with the lack of realism, Todd envisioned creating his own forceful entry door to bridge the gap between training and real-life scenarios.

From lifelike, forceful entry doors to adjustable roof cut props and modular class-A training buildings, Forge Fire prioritizes realism without compromising on quality.

Forge Fire doesn’t just sell products; they collaborate with fire departments, analyzing tactics and structures to tailor-make training solutions. Every aspect of their training buildings is customized to ensure longevity and effectiveness, reflecting their dedication to their clients’ success.

From the humble beginnings of Todd making props himself to managing a dedicated fabrication team, Todd and Carie feel grateful for how far Forge Fire has come. Their vision for the future is clear: to keep innovating and producing the highest-quality, most realistic props to support firefighters in their vital work. With their unwavering dedication, Forge Fire is poised to lead the way in firefighter training for years to come.

Interview With Todd: