Multi Family Residential

The Taxpayer

The Taxpayer - Custom Fire Training Building for Focused Skill Development

4 Level Taxpayer Layout providing a blend of 1st Level Commercial w/ Multi-Family/Hotel space above 3,776 SF of Training Space

The Colony

The Colony - A modern burn building offering a top-tier fire simulation experience

Unique three level design showcasing multiple buildings into one design. This design doubles as a single level ranch, two level residential and a 3 level multi family/commercial. 2,016 SF of training space.

The Freedom

Three level core w/ 40′ confined space/rappel tower. This unique design offers the combination of a 2 level single family residence & the flexibility of converting to a 3 level multi-family structure. 2,668 SF of training space.

The Mid East

Two- Level U Shaped Training Structure
2,000 SF of Training Space Provides opportunities for long hose stretch & search ops

The Belmont

Three Level Residential/Multi-Family Flex Design with 1856SF of Training Space

The Ashland

Four level blend provides a large single family residential platform combined with multiple multi family residential options. This flexible design offers 3,776 SF of training space.

The Colony II

Unique four level blend combining single family, multi family & mid rise into one versatile platform. Offering 2,768 of training space.

The Liberty

Five level multi dynamic layout that provides 4,896 SF of training space. Providing a unique & functional blend.