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Elevate Your Training Experience With Our Exceptional Fire Training Props

Connect with us today and unlock access to unmatched realism and versatility for your future training scenarios. Become a part of our rapidly growing community of firefighting professionals.

Giving you the ability to effectively train on a large spectrum of situations, our fire props are designed to offer an unparalleled realism that complements your training regimen. Discover our extensive range of fire extinguisher training props, recreating real-time challenges faced in the field. From a prop fire extinguisher ideal for instructional use to a fake fire prop that simulates a blazing inferno, you’ll find the perfect aid to craft impactful training scenarios here. Trust in our fire department training props—the preferred choice for professionals keen on honing their skills under proficiently simulated crisis situations.

Apex Roof

Vent Prop

PROP can be mounted at ground level and or onto of a container roof (ceiling support brackets are required for roof mounting)

Forge Fire & Company realistic training burn prop




Vehicle Prop

"The jk"

LPG 500 Gallon Tank

Fuel Spill Pan

Universal Control Module

Overhead hallway burn Prop

Knee wall prop

Provides an actual real knee wall that can be integrated to our Vent-Over-Fire Prop or Apex Roof Vent Prop. Creates actual smoke/fire extension training ops.

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